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CHALLENGER UNITED Products | What We Carry

Hood & Hood Ends

Under-roll and Over-roll available in 15 colours plus zinc

Tubes & Bottom Rail

Five sizes of tube, bottom rail in 15 colours plus zinc

Traditional Autos

Arms, guides, springs and everything else for auto guides

Gearbox & Crank Handles

The largest range available - Italian made

Fixed Guides

Guides, runners, springs and everything else for fixed guides

Alfresco & Wire Guides

Brackets, clips, tensioners of the highest quality

Stand Out Brackets

Suitable for Autos, Fixed guide and Straight drop blinds

Miscellaneous Components

All of the many extras that we carry


Cassette Aluminium head box system


The highest quality Italian motors


Ranging from 2.5mm soft to 6mm hard


Solutions to move your products